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Martial arts techniques 'can prevent bone fracture'

Martial arts techniques 'can prevent bone fracture'
26th April 2010

Older people with osteoporosis can benefit from training in martial arts, according to a new scientific study.

Learning how to fall properly to minimise the effect of the impact is a key teaching during martial arts training, according to an article in the journal BioMed Central.

This training could be used to help people with osteoporosis minimise the impact of a fall and prevent fractures, according to the article.

Researchers from Nijmegen in Holland tested the impact forces on young adults going through the exercises.

They now believe that with the right hip protection, the training could have significant benefits for people with the bone condition.

"Since martial arts techniques reduce hip impact forces and can be learned by older persons, martial arts fall training may prevent hip fractures among persons with osteoporosis," said study organiser Brenda Groen.

Osteoporosis results in over 200,000 fractures each year in the UK around 60,000 of which occur in the hip, according to government statistics.

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