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Man talks of battle with wife's dementia

Man talks of battle with wife's dementia
22nd May 2009

A man whose wife has dementia has spoken of his commitment to looking after her, giving her home care for free as part of his dedication to her.

David White spoke to the Guardian about his daily battle against the condition found in his wife Carla, a practice which he compares to a rugby tackle as "you both hit the ground".

He explained that despite great services provided by the NHS and charities in his local area of Kent, the emotional stress he has to deal with on a regular basis can be painful.

Mr White said that it was a case where he could not leave her alone for longer than a day, then a few hours, down to just a few minutes.

He said of the breakdown in communications: "What can you do if you can't understand what your wife is talking about? My God, it's appalling.

"She's a very talented person, that's one of the problems now. She is an intelligent person so when things are going badly it makes it more painful because she sort of knows in a way."

The Alzheimer's Society continues to highlight the plight of people suffering from dementia, with family carers looking after a major amount of the 700,000 people affected by the condition.

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