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Man aims for world record in name of Parkinson's

Man aims for world record in name of Parkinson's
1st April 2009

An avid cyclist hoping to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe on his bike is doing it to raise money for Parkinson's disease, it has emerged.

Speaking to the Independent, James Bowthorpe highlighted that his passion for fighting the disease was founded when he finally understood the trials and tribulations of his grandfather, who he remembers as a "slow old man with sticks".

He explained: "About two years ago I decided I wanted to get into medical school and had to volunteer to get clinical experience. I wanted to explain to my younger self what was up with my granddad, so looked for work around Parkinson's."

Cycling 120 miles a day, Mr Bowthorpe will cover 18,000 miles overall and hopes to beat current record holder Mark Beaumont by three weeks - in turn raising £100 a mile and giving his £1.8 million to research.

Donations should go via the website or by cheque to the Psychiatry Research Trust at PRT, Institute of Psychiatry, PO 87, De Crespigny Park, London, SE5 8AF (Reg charity 284286).

The Parkinson's Disease Society has been funding a number of research projects over the last 39 years, spending around 25 per cent of its total budget each year on the exercise.

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