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Make sure you have the right kit for exercise

Make sure you have the right kit for exercise
21st August 2012

Older adults are constantly being told of the importance of exercise for staving off many fatal diseases and helping to preserve mobility.

However, it is vital that when doing activity people have the right kit, as failing to do so can cause more harm than good.

The most essential thing individuals need when attempting exercise is a good pair of trainers that cushion and support the foot and ankle. This will help to reduce the impact of exercise on the bones.

Mary Comber, the editor of Health & Fitness magazine, added: "Ideally, you need a pair that suits your walking or running stride to correct any biomechanical problems, such as overpronation (where the foot rolls excessively inwards)."

For women, a well-fitting sports bra is also advised, as this helps to keep females comfortable while exercising.

Additionally, people should consider buying exercise clothes in breathable materials, to help keep skin ventilated.

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