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Lords debate support for carers

Lords debate support for carers
19th March 2008

The government has been debating a duty which would give parents caring for disabled offspring specialist support.

Under the terms of the proposed amendment to the children and young persons' bill, local authorities would be responsible for ensuring that carers are given short breaks from their responsibilities.

It will give care and support to the carers who will get the opportunity to indulge in some personal time.

Disabled children and young people will be given opportunities to take part in activities independently of their families.

As the issue was being debated in the House of Lords, Lord Rix, president of Mencap, said: "Short breaks should be on a statutory footing to reflect their vital importance.

"I am confident my fellow peers will agree on this matter and that we shall see legislative change."

This follows news that the NHS has been accused of "failing" people with learning disabilities.

A British Medical Journal (BMJ) editorial stated that the health needs of this group of patients often go unmet because mental or physical illness is incorrectly attributed to the person's intellectual disability.

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