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London day out for Epsom Beaumont staff

27th June 2007

Staff at the Epsom Beaumont care home in Surrey opted for a different Christmas treat this year.

Somewhat belatedly, the group decided that, instead of going out for a meal, they would like to go for a day out in London.

So last week they set off for a day full of activities, giving them a great taste of the capital.

Their first adventure took them along the route of murderer Jack the Ripper, exploring the streets of London where he took the lives at least five women beginning in 1888.

Next, they jumped on a bus which took them to see all the greatest sights London has to offer, followed by a boat ride, giving the staff a different look at London from the River Thames.

They finished their day with a well-deserved meal in Trafalgar Square.

Barbara Gable, manager of the home, said: "It was great to see the staff enjoying themselves outside of their stressful and hard jobs."

The group of ten had a great day out and are thinking about what they would like to do for the next Christmas.