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Living with arthritis is 'difficult'

Living with arthritis is 'difficult'
13th May 2009

Arthritis can have a massive impact on the quality of life a sufferer will lead, it has been claimed.

A spokesperson for Arthritis Care explained that the condition was the single biggest cause of disability in the UK, forcing many to receive home care as they find it painful to carry out the most basic day-to-day tasks.

The representative said that 90 per cent of calls to the helpline run by the charity have concerned the pain relating to arthritis, with a further 98 per cent of respondents to a recent survey stating that such aches have prevented them from remaining in work as much as they would like.

"Severe arthritis often impoverishes as well as disables - loss of mobility can mean loss of job and the isolation, diminished social life and comparative poverty of an existence on benefits," the spokesperson added.

Comments from Arthritis Care follow a nationwide survey conducted by Arthritis Ireland, which found that half of sufferers are unable to participate in social activities they used to love.

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