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Lindum House staff celebrate their 10 year service

20th February 2007

Two members of staff from Lindum House celebrated their tenth year at the Yorkshire care home with a flower giving ceremony.

Training manager Bridgette Cook has been at the home and general manager Janet Burns with the company for a decade.

The pair received a bouquet of flowers and £250 worth of M&S vouchers at the Beverley home, something Ms Burns said was "greatly appreciated".

There are now eight members of staff at Lindum House who have been with the company for ten years or more, with another three coming up later this year.

"I think we've got a more stable workforce and that speaks for itself with the number of people there for such as long time," Ms Burns added.

She pointed out that the home is now in its 14th year, saying: "It still looks as good today as it did 14 years ago when it opened."

Lindum House is respected locally, with a "good reputation in the local community", she added, noting that occupancy was good "and we run at almost full capacity most of the time".