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Light treatment has Alzheimer's benefits

Light treatment has Alzheimer's benefits
12th January 2012

Treatment that exposes patients with Alzheimer's disease to light has therapeutic effects, according to a recent study.

Patients with Alzheimer's treated with blue-green light have improved global functioning, according to researchers at Wayne State University.

Following treatment, caregivers claimed that patients seemed more awake, alert and competent, exhibiting improved recognition, recollection and motor coordination.

Caregivers also claimed that patients seemed to recapture their personalities, have an improved mood and were more engaged with the environment.

Author of the study Dr LuAnn Nowak Etcher claimed that the study was a result of her interest in a phenomenon known as sundowning, in which Alzheimer's patients sleep during the day, wake up later and may be up all night.

It is believed that sundowning has a biological basis in the brain that causes anxiety and agitation.

Dr Etcher aimed to use therapeutic light to regulate rest activity patterns in Alzheimer's patients.

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