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Legislation 'needs to protect human rights' of dementia sufferers

Legislation 'needs to protect human rights' of dementia sufferers
13th February 2009

The UK has gone through a period which has resulted in the "serious deterioration in respect" for the human rights of people suffering with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, it has been stated.

Highlighting the incongruous nature of care rights in the UK, Clive Evers of the Alzheimer's Society stated that training should be made available to the healthcare community in order to improve dementia care and not brush the problems of sufferers aside.

Mr Evers continued: "For example, the GP's contract makes training in child protection mandatory but contains no similar requirement in respect of adult protection."

He added that this would be stopped with true laws which also incorporated the rights of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, particularly in the fields of hospital and residential care.

Earlier this week, Mr Evers also highlighted the need for training and education of regular citizens, thus improving the knowledge of the disease from both ends of the spectrum.

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