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Lancet attacks obesity 'defeatism'

Lancet attacks obesity 'defeatism'
2nd November 2007

An editorial in this week's edition of The Lancet has urged political parties to unite to help combat the UK's obesity epidemic.

Half of the UK population could be obese by 2050, according to the 'Tackling Obesity: Future Choices' report.

Published earlier this month by the government's Foresight Programme, the report preceded The Health Profile of England 2007, which highlighted the shocking fact that obesity has risen 30 per cent in women, 40 per cent in men, and 50 per cent among children in England in the past decade alone.

The Lancet editorial criticises the 'defeatist' attitude of the Foresight report, arguing that obesity is both preventable and reversible.

It concludes: "This is a time to consolidate best practice-by promoting breastfeeding, fruit and vegetable consumption, low glycaemic-index diets, and smaller portion sizes-and to explore new interventions, which should be evaluated carefully to inform future practice.

"Just as individuals require initiative, time, income, and multiple interventions to overcome and obesogenic lifestyle, so too will a country's efforts require adequate leadership and resources involving many agencies."

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