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Lady Thatcher surgery successful

Lady Thatcher surgery successful
22nd June 2009

Following a fall this month, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher has had a completely successful operation to fix her broken arm.

The Iron Lady, who suffers from dementia and has suffered a series of strokes in recent years, had a pin inserted into the upper arm on Friday, with her son Mark Thatcher originally explaining that she would not be leaving hospital until this Wednesday to ensure she receives the best care possible.

However, after a visit to see his mother on Saturday, he noted that she would likely stay in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for much longer, despite her condition being "comfortable".

Due to her dementia, Lady Thatcher no longer speaks in public after her doctor advised her not to, though she remains active and has appeared at a number of functions.

Carol Thatcher recently spoke about her mother's fight against dementia, explaining that she regularly forgets that her former husband Denis is dead.

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