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Knowing your blood pressure is "vital"

Knowing your blood pressure is
22nd February 2008

The Blood Pressure Association (BPA) has stated that knowing your blood pressure level is as vital as knowing your height and weight.

A spokesperson for the association added that while high blood pressure affects 16 million adults living in the UK 5.3 million of them are unaware that they suffer from the "silent killer" condition.

High blood pressure can be a major cause of a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and dementia.

"The only way people know if they have high blood pressure is by having a check", he continued.

"We urge all people to know what their blood pressure numbers are."

The BPA also highlighted which people are most at risk of developing high blood pressure.

It stated that chance of developing the condition increases with age, while people with kidney disease or have a family history of the disease being the most at risk.

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