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Kidney regeneration is possible

Kidney regeneration is possible
1st June 2012

Scientists have identified an innovative new treatment which could provide alternatives to those with kidney failure.

At the moment, the only treatment for kidney failure is dialysis, which is expensive and not a long-term solution, or kidney transplant.

However, a team at Indiana University School of Medicine have successfully transplanted primary kidney cells intravenously to treat renal failure in rats.

Dr Katherine J Kelly, associate professor of medicine, and Dr Jesus Dominguez, professor of medicine, modified kidney cells to include a protein that encourages growth and regeneration then placed them back in the body.

"Obviously there is a need for, and an opportunity for, regenerative medicine in kidney failure as well as other organs," said Dr. Dominguez.

"Ultimately, you can imagine taking a part of someone's kidney, expanding those cells with appropriate growth factors in a tissue culture dish, and then giving the cells back."

He warned that it will be some time before tests will begin on humans.

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