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John Hurt to star in short dementia film

John Hurt to star in short dementia film
29th October 2010

A director from Bristol has managed to persuade film star John Hurt to appear in his 12-minute short film about dementia.

Love at First Sight will feature Hurt playing the role of a man living with dementia at a care home, the Bristol Evening Post reports.

Director Michael Davies says it was the quality of the script that enticed the renowned actor to take thee role.

The story follows a man who falls in love a fellow resident every day, but his dementia causes him to forget what has happened.

Mr Davies told the publication: "As the day progresses, he decides it truly is love at first sight, and they decide to get married.

"Only the next morning when they wake up, the previous day is forgotten, and they relive it all over again."

According to research from the Alzheimer's Society, the number of people living with dementia in the UK is set to exceed one million by the year 2025.

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