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Jeffrey Archer joins celebs to share memories for Alzheimer's

Jeffrey Archer joins celebs to share memories for Alzheimer's
23rd December 2009

Best-selling author, actor and playwright Jeffrey Archer is one of many famous faces to share Christmas memories with the Alzheimer's Research Trust for its Memories Matter campaign.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust is now funding 120 "world-class projects" across the country to find new treatments, preventions and a possible cure that is needed, relying on supporters to raise money.

It stresses the importance of remembering past events in order to keep the brain fresh and stave off the chances or effects of the degenerative disease.

Breakfast Show host on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Jeremy Sallis said: "I remember when I was six years old and my mum walked into the Christmas tree and had to wear an eye patch until New Years Eve. I'll never forget because I thought she looked like a pirate!"

Jeffrey Archer added: "I was told there was a sixpence in my Christmas pudding. Problem was, I swallowed it!"

In order to raise money himself, Northumberland-based artist Wilson Smith is selling his entire back catalogue of paintings to raise money for the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

Find out more about Alzheimer's disease care at Barchester homes.