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Jab could replace blood pressure medication

Jab could replace blood pressure medication
7th March 2008

A new jab could relieve blood pressure patients of the need to take medication regularly.

Designed by a team at Swiss biotechnology firm Cytos, the four-monthly vaccine is thought to significantly reduce blood pressure.

Initial tests on 72 patients yielded positive results and no serious side-effects were reported.

Patients showed significantly lowered blood pressure during the day – especially in the late morning – however it was not lowered during the night.

According to the researchers, the jab works by attacking the hormone angiotensin, which causes blood vessels to constrict and increase blood pressure.

Speaking to the BBC, lead researcher Dr Martin Bachmann said the vaccine could offer a more simple way of controlling blood pressure and could be administered during regular visits to the doctor.

"Such a regimen is likely to promote adherence to treatment," he added.

According to, in the UK, about half of people over 65, and about one in four middle aged adults, have high blood pressure.

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