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It's never too early to look after your heart

It's never too early to look after your heart
25th September 2012

People are leaving it too late to start looking after their hearts, according to the results of a new multi-national survey.

The World Heart Federation claims that it is never too early to make changes that will boost heart health.

However, currently half of people incorrectly believe they can wait until the age of 30 or older before taking action.

This is despite the fact that cardiovascular disease can affect people of all ages and those with unhealthy diets and lifestyles are at particular risk.

Professor Sidney C Smith Jr, president of the World Heart Federation, commented: "The fact is that good heart health starts from childhood. We have an opportunity to change the course of CVD (cardiovascular disease) and its global impact, by encouraging and supporting heart-healthy living from an early age."

Nevertheless, it is never too late to improve heart health either and older adults can greatly reduce their risk of cardiac complications by making simple changes to their lives.

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