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International Day of Disabled Persons

4th December 2006

Yesterday was the International Day of Disabled Persons, with a focus on promoting e-accessibility and awareness of the Disability Discrimination Act.

A forum is being held by the Employers' Forum on Disability in Cardiff this week in support of the UN-led day, which will discuss IT and the Disability Discrimination Act.

"As the world of work – and the world outside work – become more e-dependent, it's increasingly important that the need for and value of accessible technology is universally understood and appropriately used," said Bill Fine, a principal consultant at the computer consultancy AbilityNet.

"There are many examples of good practice but we still have a long way to go. Too many people still assume and live with limitations that can be overcome by freely available alternatives."

Susan Scott-Parker, chief executive of the Employers' Forum on Disability, has said that access to communication and technology is "fundamental" to allowing talented disabled people to realise their potential.