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Injury has a greater effect on life

Injury has a greater effect on life
7th December 2011

Injuries impact upon patient's lives more than previously thought, a new study claims.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham used data gathered from patient experience and information from individuals admitted to hospital after being treated in emergency departments to reveal that the impact of injuries on lives is 2.6 times greater than originally believed.

Injuries assessed for impact included fractures, dislocations, cuts, burns and abdominal complaints.

Professor Denise Kendrick, lead researcher on the study, stated: "While considerable uncertainties remain, our best estimate is that injury-related DALYs [disability adjusted life years] are 2.6 times greater than previously thought."

Moreover, even if researchers assumed that everyone that they were unable to follow up from had completely recovered from their injury, the estimate of DALYs would still be 1.6 times higher than original estimates, Professor Kendrick claimed.

Often seemingly small injuries, as the result of a trip or fall, can greatly impact upon patient's lives in terms of both physical and mental health.

The impact is often greater with age, as the body takes longer to heal.

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