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Increased funding for personal care in Scotland

21st June 2007

Alzheimer's Scotland has welcomed the announcement that extra funding will be given for free personal care of older people across Scotland.

Payments were previously fixed but will now rise with inflation.

Alzheimer's Scotland speaks out on behalf of and provides services for the 58,000 to 65,000 dementia sufferers in the country.

It also operates a 24-hour helpline and carries out research into the condition.

A report from the organisation recently revealed that 11 per cent of dementia sufferers need care at some time each week and 34 per cent need constant care.

Currently, much of this care is provided by informal carers, just 27 per cent of whom get a week's break in a year.

Kate Fearnley, policy director of Alzheimer's Scotland, said: "Free personal care is a policy Scotland can be proud of and one which Alzheimer's Scotland has strongly supported since its inception.

"We are delighted to see the uprating of the free personal care allowance, which we called for in our dementia manifesto."