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Improved support for Cornwall's mentally ill

28th April 2006

A new support service for people suffering from mental illness has been launched in Cornwall, according to the Cornish Guardian.

Three new telephone lines have been set up to help mental health sufferers outside of office hours.

The lines will be staffed by a local team of community psychiatric nurses and social workers to ensure that those in need can receive treatment as quickly as possible.

The new scheme will replace the centralised service currently in operation and hopes to avoid the problems some people have had in getting through by spreading staff and phone lines more widely throughout the region.

Upon speaking to the caller, the staff will make a decision as to the best form of initial treatment, be that a home visit or a recommendation to call another service such as NHS Direct or Nightlink.

Home treatment teams will operate home visits throughout the day and night, although day visits will only be conducted if requested by a GP or community mental health team.