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Improved care 'needs co-ordination of services'

Improved care 'needs co-ordination of services'
27th November 2008

In order to provide the elderly with the best possible care, services need to be coordinated, according to one national charity.

Director general of Age Concern Gordon Lishman said the quality of care for people in the later stages of their life could be "sometimes poor".

He commented: "This means that older people suffer needlessly and families are left with a huge sense of guilt."

Mr Lishman also called for the government and the NHS to improve efforts surrounding age discrimination, which he said was prone to haunting the older demographic.

Earlier this week, Age Concern applauded the government's policy to increase funding for Warm Frost as well as its commitment to tackling "unfair pricing policies" for fuel bills across the country.

However, the charity also said the needs of many more vulnerable pensioners would still be left out this winter, adding that this still needed to be addressed with further amendments to its policies.

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