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Improve your bones this month

Improve your bones this month
2nd May 2012

Bone health is incredibly important, as it is key to mobility and preventing common aches and pains associated with the ageing process.

However, many older adults are currently not doing enough to ensure that their bones remain healthy long into the future.

Consequently, Age UK is urging Britons to "boost their bones" this month by increasing the amount of exercise they do.

According to the organisation, just a ten minute walk in the sunshine or a session of a light exercise, such as Tai Chi, can make a massive difference.

This is especially important for older adults, who often experience serious bone injury as a result of trips and falls.

Around 30 per cent of over 65s and 50 per cent of those aged 80 and over have a fall every year.

To ensure that this doesn't end up in injury, people must begin to look after their bones from a young age.

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