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Imposing higher Dilnot cap 'would be foolish'

Imposing higher Dilnot cap 'would be foolish'
24th January 2013

The prime minister would be "extremely foolish" to introduce a £75,000 limit on the amount of money a person can contribute to the cost of their care, a Labour minister has warned.

Shadow social care minister Liz Kendall insists the government should implement a cap closer to that suggested by economist Andrew Dilnot - £35,000 - rather than the higher threshold it is rumoured will be announced soon.

During a speech to the Society of Later Life, Ms Kendall said the Dilnot report proposed a "very carefully balanced package", the Guardian reports.

However, it is estimated the lower limit would cost the Treasury £1.7 billion per year, whereas the figure favoured by the coalition is expected to require £700 million.

Ms Kendall said: "The government would be extremely foolish to squander the opportunity Dilnot presents to secure genuine, lasting agreement and wider public support."

She claims the average older adult would not hit the threshold until they have been in care for around five years.

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