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'I'd rather be 100 than have hankypanky'

22nd September 2006

According to a new study, many Brits (40 per cent) would be prepared to give up sex if it meant they could live to the age of 100.

Women are at the front of the queue to swop their lovemaking for longevity, with 48 per cent of female respondent opting for a letter from the Queen.

Just 31 per cent of men would be prepared to take a vow of celibacy in order to see in the year 2100.

There are some things that really do make life worth living though. Nine out of ten people responding to the BUPA Health Debate survey would not give up the company of friends and family to ensure they lived to 100 and 74 per cent would not sacrifice money.

"Britain is facing an ageing time bomb with major challenges presented by retirement, the desire to live longer and the increasing burden of caring for older people," said Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, medical director at BUPA.

"However, the question has to be asked can society cope, with only one in three (32 per cent) believing that an ageing population brings more benefits than problems. It would appear Britain wants to have its cake with 100 candles and eat it!"

A recent survey by MORI showed that, given the choice, on average we only aspire to live to the age of 85.