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Hypnotherapy can help depression, expert claims

Hypnotherapy can help depression, expert claims
22nd December 2011

People who experience depression could benefit from hypnotherapy, according to experts.

Speaking about the best ways to combat depression, Caroline Carr, hypnotherapist, life coach, and founder of, explained that hypnotherapy can be very helpful in certain cases.

"I have found that hypnotherapy can be very helpful in the treatment of some depression, depending on the cause of depression," she stated.

Depression can be caused by multiple factors, including physical, chemical and biological reasons.

If a person's depression is related to emotional and life problems, hypnosis can be very helpful in addressing the root problem, according to Ms Carr.

Other ailments with psychological causational factors can also benefit from hypnosis, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

While many people experience IBS symptoms as a result of intolerances, certain patients find their condition is stress induced.

Limited treatment options have caused many physicians to call for greater integration of alternative therapies for IBS patients, including hypnosis.

Similarly, alternative treatments can help to address the depressive symptoms experienced by many individuals with IBS.

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