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Hunter battles through cancer pain

18th April 2006

Paul Hunter was a hero for many cancer sufferers yesterday despite going out of the Snooker World Championship in Sheffield.

Hunter, who suffers from colon cancer, was at times in visible discomfort during his 10 – 5 loss to Australian Neil Robertson in his first round match at the Crucible Theatre.

The Yorkshireman won universal admiration for his willingness to brave the public arena and play with such determination.

"I didn't think I'd be here; I was pretty bad yesterday," Hunter said afterwards.

"The pain in my side is 24/7 now. It's making me feel a bit sick and light-headed."

Hunter, 27, was diagnosed last year with multiple neuro-endocrine tumours on his inner-body lining and has already undergone a period of intensive chemotherapy.

He is to begin a new course tomorrow.

"I'm worse off than I was a year ago," he explained. "This is to stop the tumours growing. If they haven't after 16 weeks they'll try to shrink them."