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Hundreds more local health services announced

15th May 2007

The NHS has announced plans to open hundreds of new health services around the UK during the next 12 months.

An additional £8 billion which has been earmarked for the NHS will be used to fund an extra 390,000 operations, cut waiting times, tackle hospital infections and offer more personalised care to those with long-term conditions.

Newcastle will be the location for a new £8 million health centre, £50,000 will be invested in Plymouth for testing for infections such as MRSA, £1 million will go towards a community project in Croydon for people with long-term conditions and the Doncaster Royal Infirmary will be home to a new renal unit worth £3.2 million.

These are just a few of the new investment projects taking place.

Patricia Hewitt, health secretary, said: "We are facing a new era of health provision; a health service that is on a stable and sustainable financial footing, more responsive to patient needs and delivering choices we all expect in a modern society.

"Local plans show that the NHS, right across the country, will be driving forward this year with hundreds of initiatives focused on benefits for the local community and NHS patients."