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Hospital rankings for over-50s services

21st March 2006

A new survey has ranked hospitals across the UK according to their services for over-50s.

The research, carried out by Dr Foster for Saga healthcare, found that 26 English hospitals and one each in Scotland and Wales were offering an 'excellent' service.

Hospitals were assessed according to quality of care, patient experience, infection control and access to services, with this last category including waiting times, which have decreased in England, whilst rising or remaining static in Scotland and Wales.

In addition, the survey found that mortality rates are down across the board and many more hospitals are meeting government targets.

Chief executive of Saga, Andrew Goodsell, said that he hoped patients would make use of such surveys when choosing hospitals.

"It is encouraging to see the majority of hospitals performing well, and this is a tribute to the dedication of NHS staff," he said.

Patients are now able to choose one of four hospitals they would like to be treated in and later this year the list will be extended to include foundation hospitals.

The top establishment in the UK was the Royal Marsden in London, closely followed by Harrogate district hospital, one of the first NHS foundation trusts.