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Hope expressed in search for glaucoma cure

Hope expressed in search for glaucoma cure
19th November 2008

An expert in the US has expressed hope that glaucoma could be the first neurodegenerative disease for which a cure can be found.

There are greater levels of anticipation than ever in the run-up to the next annual research overview held by the Glaucoma Research Foundation, according to the organisation's president and chief executive officer Thomas Brunner.

Co-chaired by entrepreneurs and philanthropists, the next event takes place on January 28th in San Francisco.

Mr Brunner said there is an "emerging sense" that a cure for the condition can be found, as "conventional understanding of glaucoma evolves from being described as an eye disease to a neurodegenerative disease".

That "extraordinary possibility" is likely to be a common theme throughout presentations at the event, he added.

Meanwhile a study assessing the potential effects of herbal supplement ginkgo biloba as a potential treatment for another neurodegenerative condition, Alzheimer's disease, has apparently produced less encouraging results.

A 240 milligram daily dose of the supplement had no significant effect on the onset of Alzheimer's or dementia, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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