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Homes need to be adapted for old age

Homes need to be adapted for old age
6th March 2012

As people get older the home can become an extremely hazardous area. Things like climbing up the stairs, getting out of the bath and reaching into high cupboards can be enormously difficult.

Consequently it is important to adapt homes to help older adults live independently for as long as possible.

According to Alison Wright, director of Easy Living Home, "with the spiralling cost of residential care, families are beginning to adapt their own homes to accommodate older age".

What's more, governmental spending cuts have reduced the number of state-run care homes available, meaning older adults will be staying in their own home for longer.

As a result there is a growing trend for "elegant independent living solutions" that make household tasks much easier.

This coincides with the release of research indicating that the average retired person perceives themselves as needing an extra £140 a week in order to be financially comfortable.

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