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Hip replacements 'offer long term benefits'

Hip replacements 'offer long term benefits'
3rd December 2007

Total hip arthoplasty (THA), or hip replacement, has a long-term positive effect on osteoarthritis (OA) patients physical functioning, according to new research.

Researchers at the University of Southampton studied 282 patients over an eight-year period, in one of the first studies to follow people over a year after the replacement took place.

The patients were interviewed, had their BMI taken and completed self-administered questionnaires about their physical functioning, vitality and mental health.

The results revealed that extra that prior to receiving a hip replacement, patients had markedly worse physical functioning than a control group, but only a small difference in mental health.

At the time of the follow-up the physical functioning of the patients had notably improved.

Professor Cyrus Cooper, who led the study, said: "Our findings are consistent with a sustained beneficial impact on physical functioning following THA for OA, but we found no evidence for parallel improvement in vitality or mental health."

According to the NHS, more than 62,000 hip replacements are done each year in the UK.

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