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High blood pressure is 'worst risk factor in stroke'

High blood pressure is 'worst risk factor in stroke'
20th April 2009

Reducing the risk of having a stroke is of upmost importance to elderly people, it has been stated, with one particular factor having a major effect on the likelihood of suffering one.

According to Joe Korner, director of communications at the Stroke Association, high blood pressure is the most important risk factor for the condition, emphasising the need for people to make serious changes to lower the chances of having a stroke.

He continued: "This may be through taking medication prescribed by your GP or by making lifestyle changes.

"An improved diet, drinking alcohol in moderation, not smoking and being active can help to control blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke."

The Stroke Association is the only British charity solely concerned with research, prevention and treatment of strokes as well as providing a number of facilities to sufferers and carers to alleviate the stress of the condition on all affected parties.

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