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High blood pressure? Start exercising

High blood pressure? Start exercising
19th April 2012

Patients with high blood pressure should take up exercise, according to a new study.

Researchers in Taiwan found that the risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease-related death was lower in those people with high blood pressure that also exercised.

The study also revealed that physical inactivity caused mortality risk to rise in patients to the equivalent of an increased 40-50 mmHG in blood pressure.

According to Dr CP Wen, from the Institute of Population Health Science, National Health Research Institute, this is the first study to "quantify the impact of exercise on the risk profile of people with high blood pressure".

"Appreciating this relationship will hopefully help to motivate people with high blood pressure that are inactive to take exercise," he said.

Those looking to lower their blood pressure should start with simple activity, such as going for a brisk walk each day.

Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise, as it is low impact and works your entire body.

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