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Help Stop Elder Abuse campaign launched

31st May 2007

Yesterday saw the launch of Help the Aged's Help Stop Elder Abuse campaign in Northern Ireland.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the 500,000 older people in the UK thought to be suffering abuse.

Research carried out which led to the campaign found that 35 per cent of the public had not heard of elder abuse, but many were concerned about it once they were informed about the scale of the problem.

The launch, which took place in Ballymena, welcomed local older people, decision makers and those involved in the care of older people.

Sam Cunningham, development worker at Help the Aged in Northern Ireland, said: "It is shocking that any older person should suffer the indignity of abuse.

"Our research shows that tackling child abuse is the issue Northern Ireland's public would most readily support. Yet the majority have never heard of elder abuse.

"We hope that the Help Stop Elder Abuse campaign will help give the protection of vulnerable older people the level of priority that it deserves."