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Help the Aged welcomes care reforms

8th February 2006

Registering care workers is a step in the right direction to ensuring that elderly people are properly cared for, according to a policy officer for Help the Aged.

Responding to recent reports that the government plans to tighten up registration for all those working in the care industry, Rachael Childs added that further steps need to be taken.

Ms Childs urged the government to look at other ways in which the protection and care of elderly people could be improved, calling for more regulation and inspection procedures.

"It is absolutely imperative that that training takes place and that we improve standards across care, and that's something that the government needs to take responsibility for," she told BBC News 24.

"We need improvements in regulation and inspection. We need improvements in national minimum standards."

Welcoming both the proposals and the recent campaign against elder abuse, Ms Childs argued that society also has a role to play in terms of raising awareness and respecting the rights of older people.

"There is much more to be done in terms of protecting older people's human rights and in terms of valuing our older people," she added.