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Help the Aged warns elderly to get flu jab

24th November 2006

A charity has warned that the consequences could be serious if elderly people do not get their flu vaccinations.

His comments came in response to a survey in the GP magazine Pulse, which found that there had been a drop in the number of flu vaccinations in England and Wales, from 54 per cent of those at risk last year, down to just 37 per cent in 2006.

Dr James Goodwin, the head of research at Help the Aged, said that the over 65s must be prioritised by GPs.

"The consequences will be dire if the groups most at risk are unable to get their free flu vaccinations. GPs must give priority to those over 65 who haven't yet had their flu jab," said Dr Goodwin.

"The government must act urgently to ensure there are enough vaccinations to protect the most vulnerable people at risk."

According to the Pulse survey, 12,000 people are killed every year by seasonal flu.