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Help the Aged slams govt fuel poverty measures

Help the Aged slams govt fuel poverty measures
16th September 2008

Help the Aged has slammed the government's recent announcement on fuel poverty as "inadequate".

The charity's special adviser Mervyn Kohler said the government will have to do a lot more in order to meet its legal obligations on eradicating fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition, he argued that fuel providers should do better at ensuring that vulnerable consumers are on the most cost-effective tariffs.

Mr Kohler said: "Enhancing home insulation is a step in the right direction, but older people need help right now as the winter months approach."

He commented that overall it is a "flimsy and failing package" which will not be satisfactory to assist older people who are struggling with increasing fuel bills.

Last week, ahead of the government's announcement, Mr Kohler had warned that nothing less than "urgent and comprehensive measures" were needed in order to properly help those in desperate need of assistance.

He suggested that the winter fuel payment should be increased significantly while again stressing the need for energy firms to ensure their customers are on the fairest payment options.

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