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Help the Aged pledges support to dementia project

Help the Aged pledges support to dementia project
8th February 2008

Help the Aged has launched a new website to help mobilise support for a project aiming to combat dementia.

The charity has lent its support to 'The Disconnected Mind' after a survey revealed that mental decline is the biggest concern people have about aging.

Developing a condition such as Alzheimer's disease was ranked above pressing issues such as the pensions crisis and isolation, according to the Help the Aged research.

The charity will help fund the project until its conclusion in 2015.

'The Disconnected Mind' began in 1947 when 1,000 participants took part in the Scottish Mental Survey.

Now that those who took part in the experiment are aged 71 scientists from the University of Edinburgh are comparing their mental ability as children, their biological health and life experience to assess whether any factors can prevent the development of neurodegenerative conditions.

Help the Aged works on behalf of elderly people in the UK and overseas, attempting to prevent poverty, isolation and ageism.

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