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Help the Aged to launch anti-discrimination viral

Help the Aged to launch anti-discrimination viral
29th May 2008

Help the Aged is set to launch a viral film to support its age discrimination campaign.

The elderly persons' charity's film is being created by production agency Kirkwall and will be a spoof of early 1950s public service announcements.

It will mock "out-of-touch" concepts such as sexism and racism and compare this to 2008 when discrimination based on age is still legal.

Speaking about the campaign, Yvette Templar, head of campaign at Help the Aged, said that the idea emerged after research undertaken by the charity revealed that three-quarters of elderly individuals do not believe that the government is responding to their needs sufficiently.

Ms Templar added that the next few weeks will be "pivotal" in raising awareness of the cause as prime minister Gordon Brown's equality bill is expected to be announced soon.

The campaign will be promoted via media and viral channels such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace over the next six weeks.

This follows news that Help the Aged and its fellow elderly persons' charity Age Concern may be considering a merger in a bid to more effectively tackle the problems facing older individuals.