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Help the Aged: Elderly worry about their futures

Help the Aged: Elderly worry about their futures
20th May 2008

Help the Aged has stated that older people are worried there are not enough resources in place to help care for them throughout the rest of their lives.

Speaking to BBC Radio Four's Today programme Kate Jopling, the charity's head of public affairs, said that concerns over care and fuel poverty are actually making some elderly individuals ill.

Referring to the Spotlight Report recently carried out by the group, which puts together a collection of figures from all aspects of individuals' lives, Ms Jopling said: "When you look at what the picture shows you can see why the people are worried."

She added that the number of people receiving low-level care has dropped and increasing numbers of people are finding it hard to pay their fuel bills.

"With an ageing population these problems are starting to become compounded," she added.

According to the charity, the number of people aged over 65-years-old whose physical health has declined due to concerns over their future has increased by almost half a million in the past 12 months.