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Help the Aged condemns equalities review

21st March 2006

Help the Aged has said that yesterday's interim equalities review report had not gone far enough to help elderly people.

The group claims that the report, which primarily focuses on economic factors affecting elderly people, has failed to pay proper attention to the need to tackle the deep-rooted stigma attached to the elderly.

Kate Jopling, spokesperson at Help the Aged said: "Whilst the interim report highlights some of the more obvious disadvantages faced by older people, its focus on economic questions means that it fails to get to grips with the deep-seated ageism which pervades our society and leaves far too many older people feeling cast aside by society and 'on the scrap heap' in later life."

Ms Jopling added that she believes society creates dependency amongst older people by enforcing retirement, excluding them from daily life and by keeping pensions low.

She also condemned the poor standards of dentistry and chiropody care that elderly receive.

The review, which also dealt with disabled and ethnic minority groups in relation to employment, is the result of a year long study initiated by the government.