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Help the Aged calls for end to age discrimination

Help the Aged calls for end to age discrimination
15th May 2008

Help the Aged has renewed calls for ageism to be outlawed as a result of new research

A study conducted by the elderly persons' charity showed that two-thirds of respondents feel that the government does not take older people seriously, reports

Some 74 per cent of people questioned also felt that age discrimination should be banned completely, with 57 per cent admitting that they are concerned about how they will be treated when they hit old age.

Help the Aged's head of public affairs, Kate Jopling, told the news provider: "Ministers have the power to outlaw age discrimination. The public are overwhelmingly supportive of legislation – it remains to be seen whether the government is listening."

Currently, legislation dictates that age discrimination is illegal regarding employment but not in relation to the provision of goods, facilities and services, including health and social care, something Ms Jopling referred to as a "moral outrage".

Meanwhile, Help the Aged recently responded to British Medical Journal research, saying that it was disappointing so many medical professionals feel the elderly are given inadequate health care.