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'Helmet' helps US dementia sufferer

'Helmet' helps US dementia sufferer
14th July 2008

A man with dementia in the US is using a "revolutionary" helmet device to help his condition, it is reported.

The Peterlee Mail says Clem Fennell has apparently seen a dramatic improvement in his condition since he began using the light-emitting helmet a month ago.

It states the experimental elmet was invented by Peterlee doctor Gordon Dougal in his home laboratory after laser therapy helped with his own father's dementia.

Mr Fennell's wife Vickey comments: "Honestly, I can tell you that, within ten days, the deterioration stopped, then we started to see improvements."

The Peterlee Mail adds Dr Dougal, who works out of Peterlee's Urgent Care Centre and William Brown Centre, states: "Potentially, this is hugely significant."

Earlier this month, a study published in the online Neurology journal suggested women aged over 90 are significantly more likely to develop dementia than men of the same age.

University of California epidemiologist and study co-author Maria Corrada commented that the work will be invaluable in assisting further enquiries into dementia.

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