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Heart failure fatigue 'needs further examination'

Heart failure fatigue 'needs further examination'
18th March 2009

Fatigue experienced by those that have suffered heart failure needs to be further researched, scientists claim.

Anergia affects nearly 40 per cent of older adults with heart failure, but is often overlooked as a symptom of old age, a study published in the latest edition of the Journal of Cardiac Failure shows.

However, the condition can have long-term implications and require assisted living or home care.

Scientists at the Columbia University Medical Centre believe that studying the condition may shed some light on the potential benefits of fatigue treatment on heart failure prognosis.

Heart failure patients were monitored as part of a nine-month prospective study to assess physical activity.

The results provide useful details about the link between anergia, heart failure and sleep disorders.

Senior study author Mathew Maurer explained the overall purpose of the new study.

It is hoped the research will help "develop methods to evaluate and assess the causal or contributing factors of anergia in order to develop interventions to decrease morbidity and mortality due to this syndrome", he said.

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