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Hearing test advert a success

16th January 2006

Thousands of people have responded to the promotion of a telephone-based hearing test which aims to increase awareness over hearing loss in UK adults.

Launched on Christmas Day, the advert hoped to encourage more awareness over the number of people who suffer from the problem and to persuade them to take the free test which is carried out over the phone.

Figures show that over 5,500 people are using the test line every day, indicating that the television advert has helped to get the message across.

"Some people may be struggling to stick to their New Year's resolutions, but checking your hearing is a simple and easy resolution to keep," commented John Low, chief executive of the RNID.

"Take RNID's hearing check on 0845 600 55 55. It takes just five minutes, putting you back in touch with friends, family and colleagues."

The test was designed after research showed that over 40 per cent of people over 50 suffer from some form of hearing loss and that four million people would benefit from wearing a hearing aid.