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'Hear to help' started in Ceredigion

6th September 2005

A programme designed to offer information and practical support to people needing hearing aids, will soon be available in Ceredigion, Wales.

Run by RNID Cymru, 'Hear to Help' is a fantastic opportunity for existing hearing aid users to volunteer and provide support and friendship to new hearing aid users in their local community, who may feel isolated or bewildered by their hearing loss.

Taster training sessions are taking place in Ceredigion the week of October 10th, so that potential volunteers can get an idea of what is involved for the service opening in November.

Hearing aid users who have adjusted to using a hearing aid and would be willing help others are particularly welcomed. Ideally project volunteers will be hearing aid users themselves, or have personal experience of someone who uses a hearing aid.

"This is an exciting development for deafened and hard of hearing people in Ceredigion," explains Jim Edwards, Director of RNID Cymru.

"Hearing loss often brings with it a feeling of social isolation as people are often unable to follow and join in conversations with their families, friends and work colleagues. Hearing the doorbell, watching TV or using the telephone, which most people take for granted, can become difficult or even impossible. They are often unaware of the types of technology that can improve things for them enormously."

If you would be interested in volunteering please contact Jackie Newey, project manager, on telephone: 01597 811576.