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Healthy diet 'reduces effects of stress'

Healthy diet 'reduces effects of stress'
25th July 2011

Consuming a healthy diet could lessen the physical side-effects of stress, according to one expert, making life easier for those with the condition who may be utilising respite care.

Ann Finnemore, hypnotherapist and stress manager, said that habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee or eating highly processed foods can worsen the effects of stress.

She explained that stimulants and depressants such as alcohol can have a negative impact on sleep, whether this means too little or disturbed sleep, or early waking.

"Therefore, when in a state of high anxiety or panic, a move to a healthier diet is best, as it will help provide the nutrients required by the body, and will help make the person more resilient to the physical effects of their stress," said Ms Finnemore.

In other news, research from Southern Methodist University, Texas, found that regular exercise could help to prevent panic and related disorders.

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