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Healthy diet 'possible on low income'

Healthy diet 'possible on low income'
2nd October 2008

People are still able to enjoy a healthy diet without it costing too much money, according to one expert.

Although we are seeing increases in the cost of living, there are different ways to eat cheaply but healthily, said Frankie Phelps from the British Dietetic Association.

Buying pre-prepared food from the chiller cabinet, the expert argued, is one of the most expensive ways to eat fruit and vegetables.

However, fruit and vegetables which are frozen, tinned or dried all count towards your five-a-day.

The dietician added: "Going for items which are in season, so at the moment apples and even the tail-end of the strawberries, should be taken advantage of."

Following her recent visit to Barchester's St Thomas' care home in Basingstoke, Bel Mooney noted in the Daily Mail the levels of attention given to meals.

Among the many pleasant features she discovered at the care home, she referred to its "brilliant, dedicated chef", the home's vegetable garden and the fact that the daily menu is displayed in a leather folder, much as you might find in a "classy restaurant".

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